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John Krasinski is taking a break from ‘Some Good News’ and we’re actually really sad!


On March 25, John Krasinski asked his followers to do something very simple. Using the hashtag #SomeGoodNews, he asked his fans to share feel-good stories that had recently made them smile. That simple message lead to thousands of responses and what we now know as “Some Good News!”

After eight incredible episodes that managed to give us all the feels in the middle of a year that will go down in history books as one of our nations darkest hours, Krasinski announced via Twitter that he was taking a break from the show.

Yesterday, news broke that the series sold to ViacomCBS. Sure, Krasinski will continue to be involved and serve as the show’s executive producer which is great, but he will no longer serve as our host. And while we support Krasinski’s decision to abandon his role as our favorite (and only) “Some Good News” anchor, we are forever grateful to him for bringing people together in a time of isolation.