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Looking for ways to keep your dog entertained?!

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Let’s be honest, being quarantined at home is great for dogs because their owners are giving them more time and attention than ever before! But once you’ve been on several walks, thrown the toy until your arms are sore … what do you do?

This dog owner in Alberta, Canada was surprised when they walked in to discover their 13-week-old puppy chasing the end of her leash around the kitchen island.

Watch the video below:

“My little thirteen-week-old Golden Retriever named Jeeya is always fascinated with anything that moves. Jeeya and I came back from our walk and she ran inside. When I got in, I saw her running around the kitchen island. It took me a moment to realize she was trying to catch her training leash. I grabbed my phone and started shooting these adorable moments. Ultimately she did end up catching it. Smart puppy. This was very spontaneous and hilarious.”