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OMG: Harry Potter fans can take free online classes at “Hogwarts”

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Photo: Warner Bros.

Wingardium leviosa! Lumos! Expecto Patronum! Oh, what’s that you ask? We’re just practicing our spells and charms, because we’re going back to school … at Hogwarts!

A group of tech-savvy Harry Potter fans have created a virtual version of Hogwarts that let’s you take magical courses online! Yes, be still our beating hearts! After years (and years and years and years) of secretly wishing Hogwarts was a real place, it finally kinda/sorta is!

Hogwarts is Here features a variety of realistic online courses in the magical arts, which you can practice at home while under quarantine. You can take Defense Against the Darks, Potions, and various other classes. The course directory gives fans their very own Hogwarts experience.

You can take first year classes all the way through seventh and final year classes! Oh, and here’s the best part … it’s completely free! Yes, in a time when many of us are stressed about finances, stuck and bored at home, Hogwarts is Here is providing both education and entertainment!

Will you be signing up for any Hogwarts courses? Click here to get started!