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WATCH: James Corden recreates the 2020 Met Gala using pets!

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Ladies and gentleman! People of all ages, James Corden and his team present the “2020 Pet Gala!”

Since the 2020 Met Gala was cancelled due to … you guessed it … COVID-19, Corden and his team decided to ask pet owners from across the country to send in videos of their pets dressed in what would’ve been this year’s theme: “About Time: Fashion and Duration.”

These are the results.

With the 2020 Met Gala being canceled thanks to COVID-19, James Corden put a call out to pet owners across the country to send in videos of their animals dressed to this year’s theme “About Time: Fashion and Duration.” After receiving fantastic videos from across the country, James takes a look at the night’s best looks with famed stylist Brad Goreski.