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Watch: Rob Thomas calls for unity with Rachael Ray performance

Matt Jelonek/Wire Image

Yesterday, Rob Thomas made a special appearance on The Rachael Ray Show, performing one of his solo songs that’s very appropriate for our present moment. If you missed it, you can now watch it on the show’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, Rob thanks Rachael for all the work she’s done on behalf of animals, which is Rob’s favorite cause, via his charity, Sidewalk Angels.  He then performs his 2006 “Streetcorner Symphony,” which is a call for racial harmony.

“Come on over/Down to the corner/My sisters and my brothers/of every different color,” Rob sings. “Don’t ya feel that sunshine telling you to hold tight/Things will be alright/Try to find a better life/Come on over/Down to the corner/My sisters and my brothers/there for one another.”

The song originally appeared on Rob’s 2005 debut solo album, …Something to Be. It featured an uncredited John Mayer on guitar and backing vocals.

Rob’s been outspoken on his socials about his support for the Black Lives Matter movement since the nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd began. 

He wrote, “I see anger and pain that has been boiling up for a long time and my heart is broken that anyone would need to make this much noise for someone to hear them say they have basic human rights.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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